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What are some next steps on digital trade?

In this episode we look at what’s next, what can we be working on immediately, perhaps before even getting to the point of negotiating a digital agreement.

How do you regulate in such a fast changing environment?

In this episode we've included discussion during the panel on regulating in such a fast changing environment, and the idea of regulating for outcomes.

What’s happening with US trade policy and what’s possible on digital?

In this episode you’ll hear from Joshua Meltzer, a Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution in Washington DC. He gives us his thoughts on the current US trade position and policy and what he thinks might be possible on the digital trade front.

Do we need a digital agreement with the US and what’s the best vehicle?

In this episode we’ll hear again from Stephanie Honey this time answering the question, what’s the value in doing these digital agreements, and a thought on the best vehicle for doing this type of agreement with the US.

What is the future of NZ-US digital trade?

In this episode we include a simple explanation of digital trade and the emerging global rule set on digital trade.

Evan Osnos: A discussion on President-elect Biden, foreign policy and China

A discussion with Evan Osnos, staff writer for the New Yorker, former China correspondent, winner of the National Book Award, and author of the just published book: "Joe Biden: The life, the run, and what matters now"

Common Code: Why the world's tech-leading democracies must act collectively

A discussion with Martjin Rasser and Ainikki Riikonen of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) on technology and why the world's democracies must act collectively, the geopolitics of technology, and their proposed blueprint for an alliance of technology democracies.

Panel (Leon Grice & Kenny Clark): The Countdown to U.S. Election Day

A panel discussion with Leon Grice and Kenny Clark on the recent New Zealand results and the countdown to the U.S. elections, current state of the race, undecided voters, and what difference will the final presidential debate actually make.

Reuben Steff: U.S. foreign policy in the age of Trump

A discussion with Reuben Steff on his soon to be released book - U.S. Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump: Drivers, Strategy and Tactics

Hayden Thorne: Where to now for the U.S. Supreme Court?

A discussion with legal historian Hayden Thorne on the future of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Andrea Durkin: Is US trade policy already set for the foreseeable future?

A discussion with Andrea Durkin on trade and US domestic politics, the future of the WTO and the contest for the role of WTO Director-General.

Derek Shearer: Why is the 2020 presidential election so important?

A discussion with Derek Shearer on the upcoming presidential elections, race in US politics, the Democratic Party and foreign affairs.

Richard Fontaine: How different will foreign policy be under Trump 2 or Biden 1?

A discussion with Richard Fontaine on foreign, intelligence, security and trade policy under either Trump 2 or Biden 1 administrations.

Xaviour Walker: Why highlight exceptional Kiwis in the U.S.?

A discussion with Xaviour Walker - an exceptional Kiwi, medical professional, President of the Kiwi Leadership Network USA, and recently returned to New Zealand - on Kiwis doing amazing things in the U.S..

Molly Reynolds: Previewing the 2020 U.S. elections

A discussion with Molly Reynolds on the politics of Congress, likely 2021 congressional makeup and legislative priorities.

Todd Belt: US political campaign strategy in COVID times

A discussion with Todd Belt a US campaign specialist and expert on the presidency.

Hon Simon Bridges: Why foreign affairs and how he sees the world?

A discussion with the Hon Simon Bridges National's foreign affairs spokesperson.

Kenny Clark: What are the pathways to 270 for Trump and Biden?

A primer on the US electoral process, campaign strategy, "pathways to 270" and current polling.

Mixed-Tape/Best Of Episode: Trump victory, flying taxis, innovation, and being a diplomat

A mixed-tape/best of episode marking the milestone of 25 episodes with snippets from my four favourite episodes. Each provides a clear and powerful takeaway, message or lesson.

Mark Turnbull: Why we need to be a nation of brand builders?

A discussion with Mark Turnbull of Foley Wines on why we need to be brand builders in New Zealand to drive value and what motivates foreign investors.

Demian Smith: What makes for a good US diplomat?

A discussion with Demian Smith, US diplomat, returning to Washington DC reflecting on his posting here in New Zealand at a time of big political and geopolitical shifts and events.

Leon Grice: What comes next in post-COVID?

A discussion with Leon Grice on what the post-COVID world might look like and the importance of the NZ-US relationship.

Leon Gurevitch (Part 2): Does The Creative Sector Own Creativity?

A discussion on the importance of creativity, its role in the shift to automation, and the impact of inequality and insecurity on innovation.

Kristy Grant: Is NZ's creative sector our missed opportunity?

A discussion on New Zealand's creative sector exports, the screen sector, the influence of Weta, advanced technologies, the challenges our creative exporters are facing, and how she sees the future of the sector.

Leon Gurevitch: Insights on creativity, innovation and transformative technologies

A discussion with Associate Professor Leon Gurevitch on global creative industries, innovation and transformative technologies and the insights we can take from Weta Digital and other global digital workshops.

Kenny Clark: The costs of COVID-19 elimination and Biden's campaign

A discussion with Kenny Clark on the economic costs of lockdown, the shift from a strategy of flattening the curve to elimination, and the debate or lack of debate on the options and the corresponding trade-offs. And finally we look at how Vice President Biden's campaign might shape up.

John Ballingall: COVID-19 economics, supply chains and the opportunity

We look at the growing tensions of business asking for greater certainty over what levels two and three might mean for them, the issues thrown up by contact tracing, and discuss with John Ballingall of Sense. Partners the COVID-19 economic impacts, more resilient supply chains and what opportunities might there be for New Zealand post COVID.

Erica Crawford: A chat on wine, innovation and organics

In this episode we take a brief look at the important role of the special parliamentary select committee - the Epidemic Response Committee - and chat with Erica Crawford of Loveblock - a story of innovation, risk-taking and the audacity to do something different, to take a different approach. It is an inspiring and relevant story for today.

Stephen Jacobi: COVID-19 AND TRADE POLICY- the short and long term focus

A discussion on the response to COVID-19 and how trade policy can both contribute to or complicate a public healthcare response like the one we are experiencing right now.

Daniel Thomas: Living through COVID in Chicago, travel and tourism

A chat with Daniel Thomas - a Kiwi based in Chicago - about the on the ground experience of living through a COVID-19 lockdown, running a business, the impact on the tourism and travel sector, and the lessons that New Zealand business might be able to take to date.

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